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  Drilling familiarization course
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This course is aimed to personnel associated with offshore oil and gas sector. The main purpose of course is to familiarize the participants with the offshore drilling, which plays the critical role in the expanding offshore oil and gas sector. Course provides a general overview of the offshore petroleum industry, with emphasis on drilling technology, completion technology, petroleum geology and wellsite safety. It is your first step to understand processes and requirements in offshore oil and gas sector.

Target Audience

Persons, who already employed or want to start the carrier in offshore oil and gas sector. Technical knowledge is desirable.

Course Prerequisites



  • Background & History of Offshore Drilling
  • Basic concepts (Drilling, Well and its elements. Well types)
  • Role of Drilling in Oil&Gas Production. Drilling Economy
  • Safety Basics in Offshore Oil and Gas Sector
    • Accidents Overview & Anlysys
    • QHSE Overview
    • BOSIET, HUET, FOET Overview
    • Fire Safety, PPE. H2S, Hydrocarbons Safety Basics
  • Petroleum Geology & Oil Field Fluids
    • Geology Basics
    • Rocks Types. Traps. Shale & Tight Oil & Gas
    • Hydrogens Accumulations Classification
    • Oilfield Exploration (Magnetometry, Gravimetry, Seismic, Exploratory & Apprisal Drilling)
  • Offshore Drilling Units and Associated Eqipment.
    • Fixed, Floating Platforms and Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, FPSO, SS, ROV,AUV
  • Drilling Rig Types & Their Components.
    • Hoist, Circulating, Rotating systems
    • Blowout Prevention (BOP) & Motion Compensation Systems.
  • Drilling & Completing offshore Wells
    • Drilling Fluids Engineering
    • Casing & Cementing
    • Vertical, Directional & Horizontal Drilling. Deflection Tools and Methods.
    • Fishing
  • Formation Evaluation Techniques
    • Surface Logging Systems (SLS), Coring, Wireline Logging
    • Measurement While Drilling (MWD)
    • Formation Tests
  • Well Completions
    • Formation Damage
    • Completion Practices (Types of Completions, Perforating, Sand Control)
    • Well Stimulation (Acidization, Hydraulic Fractruring, Nitro Shooting, Bacterial treatment)
    • Completion Efficiency
  • Oil and Gas Production Methods
  • Oil and Gas Process. Technological Equipment
    • Well fluid Separation,
    • Oil Stabilization, Dehydration, Desaltion
    • Gas Treatment & Compression
    • Water Treatment


To give the participants systematized knowledge in the field of offshore petroleum industry with emphasis on offshore drilling.


Assessment by multiple choice tests. The pass mark 80% of correct answers

Admission Requirements

Participants should provide valid ID with photo


5 days


Maximum 12


The course will be conducted in English


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